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In the News

  • IronFit’s Winter and Spring Road Race Success!
    Brenda Amarant (Central Park 10k); Damien Bullard (PR@NYC Half); Tracie Brown (Boston!); Sorin Ciocan (Rome Marathon); Johnny Freire (NYC Half); Judi Germano (Sarasota 1/2M); Jerry Jacobs (PR@Boston!); Howard Konicov (Unite Half); David Leit (Unite Half); Dave Mantle (London Marathon); Fred Marashi (Houston Marathon); Kristen McKillips (PR@NYC Half!); Ric Mora (London Marathon); Rob Moskow (Cupids 5k/ Frozen Penguin Half); Anthony Scaturro (EMT Half); Susan Winkelried (Pre-game 4 miler/EMT Half/10 miler);

  • IronFit’s Early Season Triathlon Success!
    Scott Boyles (1st AG@Naples Half Iron and White Lakes Half Iron); Fred Marashi (3rd AG@Texas 70.3!); Jackie Day (4th AG! Grizzly Tri)
  • IronFit’s Fall Half and Full Marathoners have great success! Brenda Amarant (NYCM); Tracie Brown (MCM); Johnny Freire (NYCM); Judi Germano (NYCM); Marienne Hill-Treadway (Philly Half); Laura Hingle (NYCM); Howard Konicov (Brooklyn); Kristen McKillips (PR@SI Half); Ric Mora (NYCM); Carol Morman (NCYM); Rob Moskow (PR@MCM); Soula Priovolos (PR@NYCM); Margarita Romero (PR@NYCM); Susan Winkelried (BQ @ Philly!)

  • Comebacks and First-Timers succeed at Ironman! Stephen Grossman (IMFL!!); Bryan Mendelson (PR@IMFL!)



 Awesome Performances at the Half and Full Ironman:

Kellie Brown (IMChattanooga & IMB2B); Damien Bullard (PR @ Mighty Man); Laura Hingle (IMW); Gerry Goldberger (IMBarcelona); Kristine Holferty (PR@IMLouisville); Peyer Hyland (Ohio 70.3 & Atlantic City 70.3); Steve Levine (Atlantic City 70.3); Dave Mantle (IMWeymouth); Kristin McKillips (PR@ IMW); Bryan Mendelson (PR @ Quakerman Half); JoAnn Pileggi (PR@ IMBarcelona); Susan Winkelried (PR@IMMD and PR@Rev3 ME Half)!

Sprint and International Distance Success:

Xavier Jardi Cuerda (Desafio Donana); Bill Diemer (Deer Creek); Sharon Friedman (Loggerhead Sprint! & 2nd AG-Labor Day Sprint!); Nataliya Schouten (Lake Geneva); Amy Ventura (Rev3 –Poconos).

Outstanding Road Racing Performances:

Tim Beasant (Dublin); Tracie Brown (Wineglass); Stephen Chriss (NYC 18 miler): Johnny Freire (Army 10 miler); Virginia Freire (PR@ Army 10 miler); Laura Hingle (Staten Island Half); Ari Kaplan (Chicago Marathon); Kristin McKillips (PR@ Staten Island Half); Rob Moskow (NYC-18 miler); Soula Priovolos (Gulf Beach Half); Margarita Romero (PR@Ultimas 15K!); Becky Shuford (Army 10 miler); Eddy Steinberg (PR& BQ @ Chicago Marathon).

IronFit Athletes Excel at Ironman! Congratulations to:

Judi Germano (PR@IMLP!); Jen Gonyea (PR@IMLP!); Beth Poore (PR@IMLP!); Mike Rockoff (PR@IMLP!); Michele Smith (1st IM@IMLP!!); Jody Wainwright (PR@ Nice); Angela Williams (PR@IMLP!); Gary Gluzman (IMLP); Tim Beasant (PR@Roth Challenge).

Awesome Performances at Half Iron-Distance and Olympic Distance races:

David Leit (NJ State OD); Laura Hingle (Racine 70.3); Xavier Jardi (Victoria 70.3); (Kristen McKillips (Racine 70.3); Kevin Stevens (CDA 70.3); Kristen Holferty (Bolder 70.3 and Route 66 Half Iron); Tim Beasant (Pescara 70.3); Holt Harrell (Gulf Coast Triathlon); Peter Hyland (Eagleman 70.3 and Racine 70.3); Dave Mantle (Staff 70.3); Bryan Mendleson (NJS Tri); Steve Levine (AC Tri)’; Kellie Brown (Olympic Nationals).

Outstanding Road Racing Performances:

Rachel Mantle (100k)!; Michael Lish (Ice Age 50 miler!); Sorin Ciocan (Courchevel X trail-54 K); Nataliya Schouten (PR’s @ 10K & Half Marathon); Soula Priovolos (PR’s @ 10K & Half Marathon);Becky Shuford (Green Race 10k!);

Antarctic Ice Marathon 100K

Special Congratulations to Angela Chong for completing the Antarctic Ice Marathon 100K in 21:21hrs…awesome! Brrrrr!!

Swimming Success!!

Congratulations to David Leit and Steve Levine for their great performances at the Toms River Masters Swim Meet!

Road Racing Success!

Congratulations to Tim Beasant (Hamburg Half); Kellie Brown (Boston Build-Up 20K); Tracie Brown (PR @ Carlsbad Half); Holt Harrell (PR @ Jacksonville Half); Marianne Hill-Treadway (EMT ½ M); Laura Hingle (New Orleans Marathon); Howard Konicov (PR@ EMT ½ M); JoAnn Pileggi (PR@ EMT ½ M); Soula Priovolos (PR @ 5K); and Susan Winkelried (EMT ½ M).

Special Congratulations to Greg Perangelo for an amazing year!

Top 2 Age Group and Kona Slot @ Ironman Lake Placid; a great Race @ Hawaii; and then Ironman Rankings of #1 USA and #10 Worldwide.

Iron-Distance Success!

Tim Beasant (Netherlands); Gerard Goldberger (Challenge Roth); Craig Gruber (Florida); Doug Martin (IMCDA); Andrey Nosov (Frankfurt & Netherlands); Kevin Steven (IMCDA & Challenge Penticton).

Marathon and Half Marathon and Road Racing Congratulations!

Brenda Amarant (5k PR!); Kellie Brown (Veterans); Trace Brown (Berlin and NYC); Sorin Ciocan (Berlin); Bill Christian (NYC); Judi Germano (Philly); Gary Gluzman (NYC); Nick King (NYC); Howard Konicov (PR@Savannah); Michael Lish (Chicago); Ric Mora (NYC); Mike Rockoff (NYCM and Philly Half); Kevin Stevens (Spokane); Susan Winkelried (Halloween and Delaware Canal Halfs, Westfield 5 miler!).

Half Iron-Distance Success!

Kellie Brown (Masters Champion @ Savageman!); Gary Gluzman (Eagleman 70.3 & Challenge Poconos); Mare Hill-Treadway (PR@Miami 70.3); Peter Hyland (AG Champion @ Timberman and Top 4 AG @ Syracuse 70.3); Michael Lish (Racine 70.3); Dave Mantle (Staff 70.3); Beth Poore (Eagleman 70.3); Susan WInkelried (PR! 3rd AG-FIRMMAN)

Short Course Congratulations!

Kellie Brown (USAT national); Gerard Goldberger (Aquathlon Worlds); Holt Harrell (USAT Nationals); Peter Hyland (Top 2 AG @ NJST!); Marcia Postillian (Aquathlon Worlds) .

World’s Toughest Mudder

….big congrats to Mike Hammer who completes 45 miles in the extreme 24-hour obstacle course challenge in Nevada!!

Official English Channel Crossing!

Frank Levy completed an official English Channel crossing in his very first attempt. He also becomes the 112th person to complete the Marathon Swimming Triple Crown of Manhattan, Catalina, and English Channel! Wow, what an accomplishment!! For a great read, click here for Frank’s EC race report.

Spartan Ultra Beast!

Congrats to Mike Hammer on his successful completion of the 27+ Mile Beast with 60+ Obstacles in Killington Vermont!! You are the man!

Ironman Congratulations!

Congratulations to all of our summer Ironman competitors including all of our brave first-timers! Great job! Tim Beasant (IM Netherlands); Caitlin Borgmann (IMCDA!); Sharon Friedman (IMMT); Megan Garrett (PR@IMLP!); Judi Germano (PR@IMLP!); Gerard Goldberger (Challenge Roth); Stephen Grossman (PR@IMMT!); Holt Harrell (IM Chattanooga); Ali Headley (PR@IMMT!); Ari Kaplan (PR@IMMT!); Howard Konicov (PR@IMMT!); Andrey Nosov (IM Frankfurt); Greg Perangelo (PR@IMLP & IMH Qualfier!); Beth Poore (PR@IMLP!); Marcia Postallian (PR@IMLP!); Kevin Stevens (IMCDA @ Challenge Penticton!).

ITU Aquathlon World Championships! Congratulations to Marcia Postallian and Gerard Goldberger on their great performances!

USAT National Championships!

Congratulations to Holt Harrell and Kellie Brown on their great performances!

Olympic and Half Iron-Distance Congratulations!

Kellie Brown (Savageman-Masters Champ!); Sharon Friedman (NJS-OD & Patriots Half!!); Megan Garrett (Quassy Half); Judi Germano (Quassy Half); Gary Gluzman (EM 70.3 & Challenge Pocono’s); Jen Gonyea (AC Half-3rdpl AG!); Robin Greenberg (Lincoln Sprint and NJS-OD!!); Ali Headley (Quassy Half); Erling Hoie (Quassy OD); Peter Hyland (Timberman 70.3-AG Champ!); Ari Kaplan (Howard Konicov (Syracuse 70.3); David Leit (Quassy OD and Pocono’s Half!!); Michael Lish (Racine 70.3); Dave Mantle (Staff 70.3); Antonio Picon (EM 70.3!); Beth Poore (EM 70.3); Mike Rockoff (NJS-OD); Karen Whitaker (AC Half); Susan Winkelried (PR@Firmman Half! PR@AC-OD!)


Qualifies for Nationals!

Congratulations to Steve Levine for qualifying for Masters Swimming Nationals swimming in the 50 Meters!

Marathon and Half Marathon Congratulations!

Brenda Amarant (NJM); Tracie Brown (Boston); Sorin Ciocan (Stockholm); Virginia Friere (Brooklyn Half); Robin Greenberg (PR@NJM!); Gary Gluzman (PR @ Boston!); Ric Mora (London); JoAnn Pileggi (PR@ Boston!); Shannon Schlageter (Boston); Karen Whitaker (Boston); and Susan Winkelried (PR@NJM!);

Half Iron-Distance Success!

Congratulations to Caitlin Borgmann (Bassman Half); Megan Garrett (Quassy); Judi Germano (Quassy); Ali Headley (Quassy); John Kehoe (Raleigh); Andrey Nosov (Barcelona); Dave Mantle (Top 12 AG @ European Champs!); Doug Martin (St. George); Antonio Picon (New Orleans and Eagleman 70.3); and Kevin Stevens (Troika).

Iron-Distance Congratulations!

Tim Beasant (Lanzarote); Kelly Brown (Texas-N. American Champs); and Greg Perangelo (Top 10 AG @ Texas-N. American Champs!).

Short Course Racing Success!

Congratulations to Judi Germano (Six Flags OD); Holt Harrell (St. Anthony’s); Ali Headley (Hammonton); Erling Hoie (Quassy OD); Peter Hyland (Top 4 Masters @ Jerseyman); John Kindred (1st AG @ Bonkers) and David Leit (Quassy OD).

Open Water Swim Congratulations!

Gerry Goldberger (1st AG @ Navesink); Steve Levine (1st AG @ Navesink); Frank Levy (1st AG & 4th OA @ 2 Bridges 5K); Marcia Postillian (Navesink); and Karen Whitaker (6th AG @Navesink).

Marathon Des Sables: Angela Chong accomplishes a feat few athletes have ever done….she conquers the Marathon des Sables!! A 7 day stage race in the Moroccan Sahara! Awesome!
Michael Lish recorded an amazing time of 10:50hrs in his first Ironman (Melbourne Australia)!
Dave Mantle flew through the Barcelona Marathon course in a speedy 2:55!

IronFit Couple John and Tricia MacEvoy set new PR’s at Paris Marathon!

Half Marathon kudos to Brenda Amarant (NYC Half); Megan Garrett (Queens); Robin Greenberg (PR@Philly Half), (Ali Headley (Unite); Ari Kaplan (PR@Unite), Howard Konicov (PR@Unite), David Leit (PR@Unite)
Early Season Half Ironman Congratulations to….Michael Lish (PR-4:52 PR) at Geelong-Australia 70.3 and Andrey Nosov at Phillipines 70.3 (2nd AG – 70.3 Worlds Slot)
IronFit Athletes brave the cold @ EMT Half Marathon……Peter Hyland (EMT); Ari Kaplan (PR@EMT); JoAnn Pileggi (3rd AG-EMT); Craig Van Doren (EMT). Husband and Wife Duo – John and Tricia MacEvoy enjoy a warmer half marathon in Miami! Congratulations to Xavier Jardi Cuerda for his 36:08 PR at the Madrid 10K!

IronFit Athletes Triumph at USA Aquathlon National Championships!

Congratulations to Marcia Postillian (5th AG & Qualified for Worlds!) and Gerry Goldberger (7th AG & Qualified for Worlds!)

Turkey Trot Victories!

Craig Gruber defends the family title at our annual Sweetie Pie Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning! And congratulations to all of our athletes and their families who supported the event and ran including Brenda Amarant (PR), Erling Hoie, and Mike Rockoff. And special thanks to all the IronFit athletes who came out and volunteered!

Ironman World Championships in Kona!

Congratulations go to Carl Wernicke (2nd AG Corporate Challenge) and Peter Hyland… and special congratulations to Dale Stephanos who had a training accident and was not able to compete after qualifying for the first time.

Marathon Congratulations!

Tracie Brown (PR & BQ @ Chicago!); Sorin Ciacon (Melbourne); Maureen Cullen (Philly); Sheryl Eccles (PR@Vegas!); Megan Garrett (Philly); Judi Germano (PR@Philly!); Robin Greenberg (1st Marathon-PR@Philly!); Howard Konicov (PR@Vegas); John MacEvoy (PR@NYC); Tricia MacEvoy (PR & BQ @ NYC!); Ric Mora (NYC); Carol Morman (NYC); John Wadman (PR @ Outer Banks!), Michele Smith (PR@NY); Elaine Wang Yu (Philly).

Ironman and Half Ironman Congratulations!

Sharon Friedman (1st IM @ Florida!); Gary Gluzman (1st IM @ Florida); Marienne Hill-Treadway (Miami 70.3); Bob Remondino (1st IM @ Arizona!).

Marathon Success…

Susan Winkelried sets a new PR (3:58hrs) at the Steamtown marathon and qualifies for Boston!

Iron-Distance Congratulations go to….

Gerry Goldberger (MTB); Stephen Grossman (IMMD-2nd IM of the year!); Peter Hyland (IMHawaii!); Andrey Nosov (PR @ Kalmar); Sergey Nosov (PR @ Amsterdam); and Michael O’Keefe (PR @ IMUK); Carl Wernicke (2nd Pl - 50+ Executive Challenge at IMH)!

Congrats to Caitlin Borgmann for her success at SOS!

Half Iron-Distance Congratulations go to….

Joe Altomare (Princeton); Caitlin Borgman (PR@Princeton!); Chuck Fowler (Princeton); Sharon Friedman (Princeton); Jen Gonyea (4th AG-Princeton); Gary Gluzman (Toughman); Craig Gruber (1st AG @ Shoreman); Mike Haus (Princeton); John Kehoe (4th AG @ Princeton); Howard Konicov (Princeton); David Leit (PR@Princeton); Michael Lish (PR @ Steelman); Dave Mantle (70.3 Worlds!); Michael O’Keefe (PR @ Mallorca); Craig Osten (2nd AG-Princeton!); Greg Perangelo (70.3 Worlds); Marcia Postillian (Princeton); Bob Remondino (Redman); Melissa Silverman (PR!@Princeton); Craig Van Doren (Princeton)!


Half Marathon Congratulations go to……

Tracie Brown (PR @ Chicago Half); Sheryl Eccles (Staten Island); Michael Lish (PR @ Labor Day Half); Carol Morman (Staten Island); Karen Whitaker (Sandy Hook Half); Susan Winkelried (WC), Elaine Wang YU (Staten Island);

Sprint and Olympic Distance Congratulations go to…

Patricia Canning (Westchester); Maureen Cullen (4th place OA@Atlantic City); Lucy DeStefano (Westchester); Bill Hahn (Baltimore); Mare Hill-Treadway (Westchester); John Kindred (PR @ USA Nationals & 1st AG @ Muncie); Steve Levine (1st AG @ Asbury Park & 1st AG @ Pine Barrens); Beth Poore (2nd AG @ Skylands); Marcia Postillian (USA Nationals)!

Congratulations to Frank Levy

on his 4th place AG finish at the Little Red Light House Open Water Swim!

Congratulations to Kellie Brown

for her awesome summer of racing! Kellie won her Age Group at the Mighty Moss Man Sprint; then took 2nd Overall at the Park City Olympic Distance; and then 3rd overall at the Mightyman Half Iron-Distance. Next up for Kellie: Ironman Cozumel!


Summer Ironman – Challenge Atlantic City, Lake Placid, Canada

Congrats to all our first timer’s who endured some unbelievable conditions at IMLP -- Breena Fishback, Jen Gonyea, Chris Phillips, Mike Rockoff, Shannon Schlageter, and Elaine Wang Yu.

 And congrats too to our veteran Ironmen -Sheryl Eccles, Stephen Grossman, JoAnn Pileggi (sets a new PR@Nice!); Greg Perangelo; Beth Poore, Dale Stephanos (Won AG & Kona Slot!); Susan Winkelried (inaugural AC Challenge)!
  Veteran Ironman, Howard Konicov sets a new PR at Ironman Canada (12:05 hrs)…awesome!!

Dale Stephanos wins the 50-54 AG at IMLP and qualifies for the World Championships in Hawaii! He will also be competing at the 70.3 World Championships in Mont-Tremblanc. Go Dale!
 Doree Kesselbrenner (swim) and Judy Germano (bike) do their first relay at AC Challenge Iron-distance, both gearing up for solo efforts next year!

Gerry Goldberger wins 50-54 AG at AC Challenge Aquabike!

Maureen Cullen coming off AC Challenge relay (marathon leg), takes the overall victory at “War at the Shore.”

Olympic Distance Success!

IronFit® Athletes have great success at New Jersey State Triathlon – Joe Altomare, Craig Gruber (5th in AG!), Mike Haus (new PR!), Peter Hyland (4th in AG!); David Leit (sets a new PR!), Craig Osten (3rd in the AG!), Karen Whitaker (1st in the AG and new PR!), Susan Winkelried.

First Time Triathlete, Jason Morgenson of Colorado,

completes his first sprint distance race and has triplets in the same week! Congrats to Momma Morgenson too, who had her own baby triathlon!

Catalina Island Swim

Frank Levy puts another notch on his belt as he completes another marathon swim and his first Catalina swim…sharks and all!

Early Season 70.3 Success!

Tim Beasant (St. Polten 70.3-Austria: New PR!); Don Brown (2nd in the AG-Might Moss); Patricia Canning (Eagleman 70.3), Jen Gonyea (Black Bear 70.3), Sheryl Eccles (Rev3); Breena Fishback (Rev3); Sharon Friedman (Vineman 70.3); Gary Gluzman (Syracuse 70.3: PR’s by 40 minutes!); Stephen Grossman (Rev3); Marianne Hill-Treadway (Eagleman 70.3), Mike Haus (PR@Mont Tremblanc);Peter Hyland (Syracuse 70.3: Top 5 AG & Qualified for Worlds!); Dave Mantle (Luxembourg 70.3: Qualified for Worlds!); Craig Osten (Black Bear 70.3); Greg Perangelo (Eagleman 70.3: Qualified for Worlds!); Beth Poore (Eagleman 70.3: Comeback Success!); Dale Stephanos (Patriot Half: 4th Overall & AG Champ!); Elaine Wang Yu (Rev3).

Comrades Ultra Marathon in South Africa!

Congratulations to Kellie Brown on her sub 10 hour performance!

Marcia Postillian finishes 3rd Overall at Philly Aquabike!

8 Bridges Open Water Swim:

Congratulations to Frank Levy for finishing 2nd overall in the brutal 13.5 mile stage!

Spring Half and Full Marathon Accomplishments!

Dave Mantle cruised to a PR 1:21:39 at the Richmond Half Marathon (London) and placed 8th overall out of 3,055 competitors. Way to go Dave!

Melissa Silverman completes her first marathon (NJ Marathon!)

Brenda Amarant sets a new PR at the NYC Half Marathon (1:58!)

The IronFit® Team cleans up at the Ocean Drive Marathon

Don Brown wins his AG group (40-49) in 3:11 hrs, Breena Fishback sets a new PR (4:17), Craig Gruber sets a new PR at the OD Marathon placing 3rd in his AG (3:24 hrs!)

Elaine Wang Yu finishes 7th in her AG *(40-49), and Karen Whitaker toughs it out to finish strong!

Half and Full Ironman Success @ Los Cabos , Oceanside CA and San Juan 70.3!

Carl Wernicke started the spring racing season off with a strong 5:37 at the challenging Oceanside California 70.3!

Scott Boyles, despite a series of mechanical issues on the bike, battled back with a 3:16 marathon for a total time of 10:35 at Ironman Los Cabos!

Antonio Picon has a strong finish at the San Juan 70.3 as warm-up to Ironman Brazil! Go Antonio!!

Success at the Laps for Literacy – 24hr Swim-A-Thon

Over 50 swimmers joined us all day and night from 7:00am Saturday, March 29th through 7:00am Sunday, March 30th to swim laps and raise over $10,000 for two wonderful charities, Literacy Volunteers of Morris County and JCC Metrowest!

Thank you to all of our supports, swimmers and volunteers!

Marathon Accomplishments!

Stephen GrossmanStephen Grossman goes sub 3 hrs (2:58) and sets a new PR at the Monster Mash Marathon!

Kellie Brown accomplished the Mississippi-Alabama “Back2Back”! This exciting challenge involves racing the Mississippi Blues Marathon on Saturday, then driving a few hours to Alabama, to run the Mobile First Light Marathon on Sunday. Congratulations to Kellie…who has now completed 40 marathons in 21 different states! Well on her way to completing a marathon in all 50 states! Go Kellie!

Tim Beasant set a new PR at the Getafe Half Marathon in the UK…Congratulations Tim!


Congratulations to Chas Melichar who raced to a new PR at the Mesquite Tri-States Marathon!


Congratulations to Scott Boyles on his PR 9:35 at Ironman Cozumel!

Fall Marathon and Half Marathon Success!!

Congratulations to Kellie Brown who qualified for the Boston Marathon at the North Trail Marathon!

Congratulations to Luis Rafael Gonzales on his 1:29 at the Ferrol Half Marathon! Congrats to Tricia MacEvoy (PR 1:38), and Judi Germano at the Philly Half Marathon!

Dave Mantle tied his PR with a 2:57 at the Valencia Marathon! Caitlin Borgmann celebrates a new PR at the Philly Marathon!

Brenda Amarant celebrates a great finish and huge success at her very first marathon (Steamtown—PR!)


Congratulations to Breena Fishback (NYC), Jen Gonyea (NYC), Gary Gluzman (PR!); Nick King (PR!); Ric Mora; Carol Morman (NYC-PR!), Rob Nossa (NYC), Beth Poore (NYC-PR!!), Karen Whitaker (NYC-PR!!/BQ!).


Congratulations to Jim Colby (PR!); Eve Dalphond (1st Ironman!); Craig Gruber (1st Ironman!); Peter Hyland (9:23 PR, 4th AG, Kona slot); Sean Reilly (9:28 PR!).

Craig Gruber smiles big for the camera after finishing his first Ironman!


Francesco Pascalizi: You are an Ironman! Congratulations to Francesco on his first Ironman in Barcelona!


Congratulations to Jeff Kellogg on his amazing PR performance at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI!


Miami 70.3: Congrats to Alejandro Martinez Espinosa on his first Half Ironman!

Half Marathon Success and Personal Records! Sorin Ciacon (Singapore-PR!); David Drucker (Hamptons-PR!); Gary Gluzman (Staten Island); Eamonn Noonan (Dublin, Ireland).


Congratulations to Steve Levine on qualifying for the 2014 National Championships in two sports: Swimming and Olympic Distance Triathlon!

World Sprint Championships- London

Special congratulations to Marcia Postallian for representing the USA at the Sprint World Championships in London!!

70.3 World Championships-Henderson, Nevada:

Special congratulations to Jeff Kellogg and Jim Colby on their great performances at 70.3 Worlds!

IronGirl Sandy Hook Success:

Congrats to Sharon Friedman and Ali Headley for their great performances at the IronGirl Sprint (a.k.a. Danskin.)

IronFit® Ladies –Clean-up in the 40-44 AG at Toughman!!

Congrats to Michele Smith, Elaine Wu Yang and Judi Germano for placing 2nd, 4th and 7th respectively in their age group at the Toughman 1/2 Ironman!

Ironman 70.3 Success!

Congratulations to Sharon Friedman (PR-Muncie); Craig Gruber (PR-Shoreman); Ali Headley (PR-Timberman!); Howard Konicov (PR-Timberman!) Dave Mantle (Luxembourg); Sean Reilly (1st AG & PR-Shoreman); Shannon Schlageter (PR-Timberman!); Susan Winkelried (PR-Rev3 Maine!)

Ironman Mt. Tremblant and Ironman Wisconsin!

Congratulations to Kellie Brown, Erling Hoie, JoAnn Pileggi (PR!), and Robert Serling!

Olympic Distance Triathlon Success!

Congratulations to Tim Beasant (PR-Aubonne); John Croft (2nd AG-Lake Stevens); David Drucker (PR-Mighty Hamptons), Rob Nossa (PR-Lake George)

Half Ironman Congratulations

Maureen Cullen (2nd place AG-Vineman 70.3); Shannon Schlageter (Racine 70.3)

Ironman Congratulations for Switzerland; Lake Placid and Vineman!

Eve Barrett (Swiss); Stephen Grossman (PR@LP!); Ari Kaplan (PR@LP!); John Kehoe (LP); Chas Melichar (PR @ VM!); Beth Poore (PR @ LP!); Dale Stephanos (PR@LP!).

New Jersey State Triathlon-Olympic & Sprint Distance Congratulations!!!

Jim Colby (PR!); Sheryl Eccles (PR!); Breena Fishback (PR!); Sharon Friedman (PR!); Gary Gluzman (PR!); Craig Gruber; Ali Headley (PR!); Erling Hoie; Peter Hyland (PR & 4th AG!); Doree Kesselbrenner (PR! & 3rd AG!); Howard Konicov (PR!); Rob Nossa (PR!); Craig Osten (PR!); Greg Perangelo (PR & 3rd AG!); Sean Reilly (PR & 2nd AG!); and Marcia Postillian (5th AG!); Melissa Silverman (PR!); Michele Smith (PR & 3rd AG!); Elaine Wang Yu (PR!); Susan Winkelried (PR!).

Ironman Success @ Coeur d’Alene, France, Austria!

Congratulations to Sam Cash (PR!), Tim Beasant (PR!), Kellie Brown (4th AG!), Doug Martin, Antonio Picon (PR!), and Andrew Winter (9:49 PR!).

Olympic Distance Congratulations! Strong Showings!

  • Milano Triathlon-Italy: Frank Pascalizi (PR!)
  • Philadelphia Triathlon (PA): Chuck Fowler and Judi Germano
  • Philippines 5150: Gilbert Tang
  • Queen City Triathlon (Montana): John Croft secures another AG victory!
  • Jersey Genesis Triathlon (NJ): Susan Winkelried –Top 3 in AG!
  • Wyckoff Triathlon (NJ): Sharon Friedman (PR!), Rob Nossa (PR!), Melissa Silverman (PR!)
  • REV3 (CT): Barbara Davis (PR!), Sharon Friedman, Doree Kesselbrenner (PR!)


Eagleman 70.3 Congratulations! Maureen Cullen (PR!); Breena Fishback (PR!);Craig Gruber; Jeff Kellogg ; Greg Perangelo (PR!); Beth Poore (PR!); Shannon Schlageter (PR!); Michele Smith (PR!)

70.3 Success @ Mont TreBlanc, Rev3-Quassy, Syracuse!

Congratulations to Caitlin Borgman, Eve Dalphond (PR!), Gary Gluzman (PR!), Erling Hoie, Peter Hyland, Ari Kaplan (PR!) Howard Konicov, Craig Osten, Carl Wernicke (2nd AG-XC).

Ironman PR @ Cairns

Russ O’Hara goes 10:26 @ Ironman Cairns: Awesome job Russ!


Manhattan Island Marathon Swim: Congratulations to Frank Levy for completing the 28.5 mile swim around



Jim Julich set an amazing new personal best of 9:46 at Ironman Texas! Way to go Jim!

Half Marathon Success!

Congratulations to David Drucker for achieving a new personal best time by over 12 minutes at the Brooklyn Half Marathon!

Susan Winkelried and her son have a great performance at the Super Hero Half marathon relay!

NY Gran Fondo!

Caitlin Borgmann toughs it out at the Gran Fondo and has a great ride in spite of the rainy weather! IMLP her she comes!

Excellent AquaVelo Performance!

Marcia Postallian won her Age Group and finished in the Top 2 Women Overall at the Jersey Man AquaVelo. Way to go Marcia!

Early Season Duathlon

Maureen Cullen comes in second place overall at the Bassman Long Course Duathlon…great job Mo!

Early Season Triathlon Success at Bassman, Devilman, Red Bank, Jerseyman, Harriman (NY) and Columbia (MD) !

Congratulations to our athletes on their Olympic Distance Success this past rainy weekend!

  • Michele Smith and Kellie Brown who swept the top 2 spots in their age group at the Red Bank Triathlon! JoAnn Pileggi places 2nd in her AG! Judi Germano for setting a PR at her first triathlon! Go IronFit Ladies!
  • Rob Nossa has an excellent performance at Red Bank Olympic!
  • Robert Serling who finished in the top 4 in his Age group at Harriman (NY) Triathlon!
  • Congratulations to Breena Fishback and Melissa Silverman for their great performances at JerseyMan Tri!
  • Gary Gluzman for his great performance at the Red Bank Triathlon!
  • Steve Levine for his great performance at the Columbia Triathlon!
  • Sharon Friedman, Ari Kaplan and Howard Konicov brave the cold and have great performances at Devilman!
  • Caitlin Borgmann toughs it out at the Olympic Distance Bassman Tri and Susan Winkelried sets a new PR at the Half Ironman at Bassman….awesome job ladies!!

Half Marathon and Marathon Performances!

Eugene Half Marathon (Oregon): Amy Arroyo set a new Personal Record at the Half Marathon by over 5 minutes…awesome!

Vancouver Half Marathon: Chas Melichar tied his Personal Best time…congratulations!

New Jersey Marathon: Congratulations to Peter Hyland who raced to an impressive time of 2:56hrs! And to Karen Whitaker for setting a new PR (3:40hrs)!!


A big thank you to all our athletes and friends who supported our 24hr Swim- Laps for Literacy last Saturday! We had over 50 athletes swimming throughout the 24 hours and raised $10K and counting!

Special thanks to Andres Lederman, Deb Meany, Kevin Dibble and Don Fink for swimming the graveyard shift from 1am to 4am...13,000 yards!! And also Brian Erickson who put in an awesome 2 hour swam from 1-3am!! Thanks to everyone for all your support!

Half Ironman Success

New Orleans 70.3-Congrats to Sean Reilly who rallied back from a flat tire to a great finish!

10K Success!

Amy Arroyo set new Personal best times at the Mercer Island-California 10K...Go Amy!

Marathon Congratulations

Congratulations to Stephen Grossman, Craig Gruber, and Dale Stephanos on their great performances at the Boston Marathon!

Robert Serling set a new Personal Best at the Ocean Drive Marathon...Great job Robert!

Half Marathon Congratulations

Congratulations to Joe Altomare, Barbara Davis (new PR!), Breena Fishback, Sharon Friedman, John Kehoe, Doree Kesselbrenner (new PR!), Melissa Silverman, Michele Smith (new PR!), Susan Winkelried on their great performances at the United Half Marathon.

Congratulations to Maureen Cullen for her great performance at the Asbury Park Half!

Triathlon Success!

Grizzly Triathlon-Montana: Congrats to John Croft (2nd AG!) and Doug Martin on their awesome performance!

Jeff Kellogg’s going to Kona.

Congratulations to Jeff Kellogg on qualifying for the Ironman World Championships with him podium finish at Ironman Los Cabos!

Tri United in Phillippines!

Gilbert Tang set a new Standard (Olympic) Distance PR!! Congratulations!

Marathon Congratulations!

•    Cambridge Boundary Marathon (UK): Congratulations to Sam Cash on setting a new marathon PR!  

•    Congratulations to Tim Beasant on a new PR at the Barcelona Marathon!

Sneaker Factory 10K Congratulations!

Steve Levine (new PR!), Sharon Friedman (New PR!), and Michele Smith (New PR!!)

Half Marathon Congratulations!

•    NYC Half Marathon Success! Congratulations to Brenda Amarant (New PR !!)  and Gary Gluzman (New PR!)

•    New Bedford Half Success!  Dale Stephanos (New PR!)

•    E. Murray Todd Half Marathon Success! Congratulations to Craig Gruber (PR by 3 minutes!); Peter Hyland (1st in Age Group!); Beth Poore (PR by 7 minutes!); Robert Serling; (PR by 8 minutes) Howard Konicov (New PR!).

•    Colonial Half Marathon: Congratulations to Jeff Colburn on his PR (by 10 minutes!) performance!

•    Miami Half Marathon: Congratulations to Maria Claudia Garavito and David Drucker on their PR performances!

Don and Mel are excited to announce that their new book IronFit Strength Training and Nutrition for Endurance Athletes is now available.

World Champion Karen Smyers describes the book as “…practical, efficient, and essential, while Iron-Legion Scott Tinley calls it “superb.” Please get your copy here.

Dave Mantle goes 2:57:31 at Valencia Marathon

Congratulations to Dave on achieving his sub 3 hour marathon goal!

Ironman Arizona

Congratulations to Jeff Colburn, Doug Martin, and Steve Vecchione on successfully achieving the Ironman Dream. Jeff, Doug, and Steve…You are Ironmen!

10K Personal Best

Congratulations to Maria Claudia Garavito on setting a new 10K PB in Columbia!

Philly Marathon and Half Marathon

Congratulations to Chuck Fowler on a near-PB 3:19, Sharon Friedman for setting a new PR by an hour (4:27hrs), Susan Winkelried for setting a new PR (4:10 hrs) and Doree Kesselbrenner for setting a PR at the half marathon!

Come out and support our 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning!

All the proceeds go to benefit the Literacy Volunteers of Morris County and the Interfaith Food Pantry.  Bring family and friends to enjoy a fun run! And if you are inclined, come out and volunteer before the race. We can always use help with registration!

And thank you to our title sponsor, The Sweetie Pig Foundation for their many years of support!

New York City Marathon gets cancelled as Hurricane Sandy ravages the tri-state area

The NYRR’s club makes the right decision in the wake of the damage and suffering that occurred and the impact still to same many people!  We are athletes for life but first and foremost we are human beings who care for our neighbors when they are in need! Kudos to our athletes for their caring and understanding!

Ironman Florida

Congratulations to Eve Barrett (New PR!); Patience Cogar (New PR!); Jim Colby (1st Ironman!); and Peter Hyland on their great performances!

Congratulations to Maureen Cullen, Sean Reilly, and Carl Wernicke

Congratulations to Maureen Cullen, Sean Reilly, and Carl Wernicke on their awesome performances at the Ironman World Championships, Kona, HI!


Congratulations to our first time Half Ironman finishers, Breena Fishback and Melissa Silverman at Poconos ! And congratulations to Craig Gruber (PR!), Erling Hoie (PR!), Craig Osten (PR!), and Eric Siskind on their great performances at Poconos.

Dave Mantle smashed his Half Marathon personal best

Dave Mantle smashed his Half Marathon personal best with a 1:22:28 at the Oxford (UK) Half Marathon!

Congratulations to Carl Wernicke

Congratulations to Carl Wernicke on winning his age group in the Executive Challenge at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Las Vegas!

Summer Ironman Congratulations!

Kellie Brown (NYC-PR!); Diego Castillo (NYC-PR!); Maureen Cullen (NYC-1st in AG!); David Drucker (NYC-PR!); Sheryl Eccles (IMCDA-PR!!); Kim Elber (Lake Placid-PR!); Scott Gac (NYC-9:57!); Stephen Grossman (IMMT-PR!); Dirk Hasselkuss (Lake Placid); Erling Hoie (Lake Placid); Jim Julich (NYC); Jeff Kellogg (NYC); Eamonn Noonan (Lanzarote); Antonio Picon (NYC-PR!); Beth Poore (Lake Placid-PR!); Adam Reitman (Lake Placid-PR!); Mark Ruggeri (Lake Placid-PR!); Rob Russin (IMMT-PR!); Robert Serling (NYC-PR!); Dale Stephanos (Lake Placid-PR!); Peter Turek (Lake Placid-2nd AG!); Carl Wernicke (Texas-Kona!); Ian Walker (Sweden-PR!); Andrew Winter (Lanzarote); Jason Wiseberg (NYC-PR!); Adam Yarnold (NYC-PR!).

Summer 70.3 Congratulations!

Kellie Brown (Eagleman); Jeff Colburn (Eagleman); Maureen Cullen (Eagleman); David Drucker (Mooseman); Chuck Fowler (Eagleman); Scott Gac (Eagleman); Jen Gonyea (Rev3); Stephen Grossman (HITS-PR!); Craig Gruber (Rev 3-PR!); Mike Haus (Eagleman); Jim Julich (Eagleman-PR!); John Kehoe (Vineman); Jeff Kellogg (Syracuse);Howard Konicov (Rev3); Frank Levy (Rev 3); Dave Mantle (Antwerp-PR & WCQ!); Doug Martin (Napa); Beth Poore (Eagleman); Sean Reilly (Rev 3 & Bassman-PR & 1AG!); Adam Reitman (Rev3); Mark Ruggeri (Eagleman); Rob Russin (Syracuse); Robert Serling (Rev 3-PR!); Dale Stephanos (Mooseman-PR!); Peter Turek (Eagleman-3rd AG!); Ian Walker (Austria-PR!); Carl Wernicke (Rhode Island-WCQ!); Susan Winkelried (Syracuse); Jason Wiseberg (Eagleman-PR!); Adam Yarnold (NYC-PR!).
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