One-on-One Services and Fees

In-Home Personal Training

Before Melanie begins helping you achieve your fitness goals, she meets with you to discuss your health history and injury profile and assesses your current fitness level. She will help you set short and long-term fitness goals and then develop a fitness program to help you achieve those goals. You and Melanie agree on a set time and day(s) every week to meet at your home.

$95/ 1 hr session - Minimum sessions- 1x per week (w/ a 2 month minimum commitment) 

Payment for the agreed upon monthly sessions is due at the beginning of the month and is payable via cash, check or credit card. 

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for any missed sessions. If cancellation is within 24 hours a charge for the session is applicable. Missed sessions must be rescheduled within the same month at an agreed upon time with Mel.

Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultation

Mel works with you to understand your current lifestyle and eating habits. By providing her with a three day food log, she analyzes your eating habits and makes recommendations on how to improve your daily nutrition. And most importantly, she will work with you to understand the obstacles to achieving better nutrition and provide ways to overcome them. 

$285 - Three Day Food Analysis and Recommendations
$95/hr - Follow-up in Person and/or Telephone Sessions 

Private Swim lessons (1hr)

This is a 1 hr one-on-one in-pool session to identify your current level of swimming and determine the areas of improvement to develop as a more efficient swimmer. Much like golf or tennis, swimming is a technique sport and requires a great deal of focus on body position and rotation and stroke analysis. You will learn various drills to improve these skills until you become a proficient swimmer. 

$95/hr -1 hour private swim session

Cycling Technique

This is a 2 hr one-on-one cycling session to identify your current level of cycling and those areas of improvement to develop as a more proficient cyclist. You will learn the basics of cycling starting with climbing, descending, cornering, proper cadence, braking and bike safety. A review of your current bike fit and positioning will also be considered.

 $190 - 2 hr session 

Run Technique

This is a one-on-one run session to identify your current level of running and those areas of improvement to develop as a more efficient runner. You will learn the basics of running beginning with an analysis of your current running form, hill climbing, descending, and leg turnover. Additionally, basic shoe fit and running drills to help improve form. 

$95/hr - 1 hr Session