IronFitĀ® Philosophy & Approach

It's all about efficient training and a balanced lifestyle.

You want to be a successful athlete, but not at the expense of your successful career and rewarding family life. The key to achieving this important balance is a time efficient/results oriented approach to training. 

Each athlete has a limited number of training hours per week. The trick is to train in a way that the athlete derives maximum benefit from these limited hours. Don and Mel Fink believe in eliminating all "junk miles." Don & Mel consider each athlete's personal goals, athletic experience, and strengths & weaknesses, to design a program that maximizes the athlete's training time. Don & Mel utilize their effective heart rate training methods, approach to training cycles, and many other proven training principles, to keep their athletes continually raising their fitness level, building their skills, and improving their racing performances. 

Don & Mel personally design each and every athlete's training schedule. These schedules are not based on some computer model or presented in some complicated equation form, which the athlete has to figure out for him or herself.   Don & Mel personally consider the specific needs of each athlete and take pride in tailoring a program based on their proven training philosophies. One size does not fit all...the optimal training structure differs greatly based on the unique situation of each athlete.