“Thanks again coach! You must give yourself credit because you really had me ready for this race! Not once did I think about quitting. Not once was I really tired! I stuck to our nutrition plan the whole day and felt great mentally. A little tired at the end when you saw me, but I was happy with my time. Thanks again for all you have done.”
 ~ D.S. (After establishing new Ironman PR)

“Well we did it! Boston is a reality! I was in tears in the end I was so happy. Thank you for everything.”
 ~ M.S. (After qualifying for the Boston Marathon for the first time) 

“Don, this was the greatest experience of my life. I had fun all day. This was a life changing event. I can only simply say thank you. People couldn’t believe how well I did. Don and Melanie, thank you for all your guidance over the last year. I look forward to new challenges in the future.”
 ~ J.C. (After completing first Ironman)

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your guidance and support in helping me achieve my goal of becoming an Ironman! I still can't believe that I can finally call myself an Ironman! I thought about you, Mel, my family and friends all throughout my race on Saturday. I had the swim and bike of my life. THANK YOU AGAIN DON! I never imagined how wonderful and amazing it would feel to experience and accomplish my dream of becoming an Ironman.”
 ~ G.H. (After completing first Ironman)

“I can’t believe I set a new PR! The hills didn’t get to me. I was determined to run through Heartbreak Hill and “The Wall.” I really felt good the whole race. I still can’t believe my time. Thanks for your help!”
 ~ M.A. (After setting marathon PR at Boston)

“We did it!!!! I just got back with a huge grin on my face. What an awesome race. It’s most definitely the best sporting experience I have ever had. Bizarrely it seemed to go by so quickly and I’m hungry for more. Thank you very much for your guidance and coaching for this event Don. I very much credit you as the driving force behind my comfortable finish. This was a life changing moment. Thank you very much.”
 ~ D.M. (After completing first Ironman)

“I’m still flying on a phenomenal emotional high. It was a tough race, and a VERY long day, but I feel excellent for having completed it. I really have you to thank for the training, friendship and support you have shown me over the last year. I could NOT have done this without you.”
 ~ G.B. (After completing first Ironman)

“All’s good! I am psyched. On to the next challenge (Boston). Thank you. I could not have done this without your training and guidance.”
 ~ R.M. (After qualifying for Boston for the First time)

“Congratulations to you on the success of all your athletes-you've done a great job in preparing us. I'm really psyched about my race…most of all my swim-major breakthrough. I expected to be 10 minutes slower. Really happy with my bike as well-had a blast out there. Don, thanks for giving structure and motivation to my effort-looking forward to more breakthroughs ahead. Thanks again!”
 ~ W. P. (After setting new Ironman PR)

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